Travel Like a Bawse- “ Instagrammable Itinerary Building” Course

I’ve spent years ensuring that I create quality photos and itineraries for my trips as a travel influencer. I pride myself on locating exclusive photo opportunities and tours to keep my audience in awe of my content. Often times, followers want INSIDE TIPS on my location whereabouts so they can recreate the magic of my travels.

This service is for clients who only need help with learning how to create #dope instagramable activities for your vacay.

For this service, I will meet with you exclusively for two hours via video chat. I will walk you through step by step on what it takes to build a personalized itinerary for your trips to ensure that you’re having the most fun, and most importantly, that your vacation consists of you doing nothing except living your #bestlife. Included in this service is also access to any two of my own personal itineraries of your choice. Itineraries include phone contacts, places of interest, tours I utilized, photo opportunities, and my method of transportation.

Travel Like A Bawse-Catch Planes Like Taxis” Course

Are you already comfortable with solo travel, but don’t have forever to figure out the algorithm to secure cheap flights at a moment’s notice? That’s where my expertise comes in. I’ve been to 41 different countries and I’m able to catch planes like taxis!!! Let’s face it, airfare is the biggest expense of our trip. If we can’t afford the airfare, chances are you probably aren’t going anywhere. Lol! There’s good news though!!! There are SEVERAL ways to catch flights around the globe for cheap. If you’re taught HOW.

In this course, you’ll learn my 7 golden “cha Ching” methods to how I’m able to fly in and out of the country like I’m in the Air Force 😂 j/k. And you’ll learn that catching flights to other countries can be cheaper than your monthly grocery bill!!

For this service, I will meet with you for 2.5 hours on video chat for course instruction. You will be expected to meet with me on video chat one week after the completion of this course to ensure that you’ve completed the in-class module activity, and homework assignment given throughout this course.


The Travel Like A Bawse Full Masterclass is everything you’ve been waiting for. And then some. Oookkurrt! 💁🏾‍♀️ Let’s keep it 💯. You’re here because of two words. BRAND EQUITY!! I’ve traveled to 41 countries (and counting) and there are nothing but receipts on my instagram page. In the masterclass, you will receive my four years and 41 countries worth of knowledge. And THEN SOME!! Cuz yes, I’m “extra”. 🤷🏽‍♀️

The Travel Like A Bawse Masterclass is for beginners in solo travel, intermediate and advanced. This course is for women who are ready to say #GIRLBYE to what’s holding them back in life, and start seeing the world.

In the full masterclass you will learn the following:

  1. 7 “cha ching” methods to book flights for cheaper than what you spend on eating out. 
  2. 21 Bawse Tips to ensure that there is ALWAYS a straight line between you and the airport.
  3. How to get hotels and Air B n B’s for no money down, or a small fee only.
  4. My world renowned “Travel Like A Bawse” method that shows you have to maximize your vacation and LEVEL UP!!! YOUR VACATIONS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. ON GOD😂
  5. How to create a dope itinerary to ensure that you’re never bored on vacation!! (Insert me walking a cheetah here)
  6. How to get the most “instagrammable pictures”-even if you’re traveling alone. You DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE SIS!! I made a whole career off of photo content😂
  7. Safety tools to use while you’re on vacation. I bet you guys are wondering “how the hell is she always alone and comes back without a hair on her HEAD touched?”. No worries! I got you!
  8. Tips on how to become a travel influencer. MAJOR KEY                      

Included in this service is my personal attention to my students. For the full masterclass, I will meet with you exclusively on video chat for 2.5 hours a week for course instruction. You will have my full undivided attention, and will not have to share your course instruction time with anyone else. There will be a phone consultation prior to course enrollment to discuss course curriculum, time commitment, and my expectations of my students.

This course is four weeks long, and during each module of the course, we will break for an in-class activity, and there are also video tutorials in addition to class content to ensure that students are learning the material. Following each module, an additional ten minutes are spent to discuss your homework, which is due every Sunday. In addition, students are expected to meet with me on video chat each Sunday (in addition to their class meetings *Yes I’m calling you on Sundays to make sure that homework is complete sis💪🏾) for thirty minutes to go over your homework assignment before we can move on to the next module.

With that being explained, the full version of this course not only entails 12 hours of personalized video course instruction from me, but also offers accountability to students. I have a personal stake in my student’s success, which is why I meet with students for a minimum of three hours each week.

* Yes, this is a real course! And if you want to Travel Like A Bawse, and become a solo travel expert, a travel influencer, brand ambassador, blogger, content creator or a professional wanderlust, YOU HAVE TO PUT THE WORK IN!!


So you’ve chosen a course to enroll in that fits your needs? Awesome! I’m super excited to help you!! You’ll be traveling like a Bawse in no time!! The first step to course enrollment is a phone consultation with me. Please click the link below to schedule a phone consultation. Phone Consultations are REQUIRED prior to enrollment, as I want to ensure that I’m truly meeting your needs and have a clear understanding of what your goals are. My job, as your course instructor is to get your from point A to B. Phone consultations also provide an opportunity me to discuss course curriculum and my expectations of my students. This is because I’m personally invested in my students success. I’m hands on. SO……to make a long story short, I do not allow students to click a button and pay. This is NOT a fast food drive through. I need to speak to students first. LOL! Please click the link below👇🏾. Once I agree to become your course instructor, at that time I will enroll you in the course.

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